BFE will work with your IT Department or designate to gather and develop your "Program of Requirements" (POR) for your project. This is probably the most important step in our process. Whether its for cabling/LAN, security and/or phones, we will work with you to develop a plan and design a system that best suits your needs. We will look at your current (cabling/LAN, security, phone) design and discuss with you what you would like to change to enhance your work environment.

Now that we have developed the POR, we will then design a plan that makes the most sense for you needs, spaceā€¦and budget. Once that has been reviewed and approved by you, the Scope Of Work will be developed. The SOW will include all the requirements that are specific to your project. If you choose BFE to design the entire infrastructure for a new space, a separate POR, design plan, and SOW will be created for cabling/LAN, security and a phone system. Each SOW will include a copy of your approved design plan. We have found by supplying a copy of the floor plan with device and port locations with the SOW, it becomes an invaluable tool for the vendor. It insures a more accurate bid and helps eliminate changes orders or other "unknown" surprises.

It's also important that your approved plans are sent to the architect or general contractor. Each task (cabling, security, and phone) will require prep work that the GC will need to provide. For example: Indicating where junction box (J-box) locations in the wall are needed where cables will terminate on the user end. Wall mounted security devices will also require J-boxes. All device locations will be clearly identified on the plans with a unique symbol. A legend will also be created defining what those symbols mean.

We design and write all the infrastructure SOW's for a government agency that stores evidence, grand jury evidence, weapons and ammunition within its space.

...we will then design a plan that makes the most sense for you needs, space...and budget.